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Better deals online or in line?

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- For many, Black Friday is a sport, they map out stores, and stand in cold lines for hours. For those who want the deals, but not the hassle, there's an alternative. All you need is a computer.

For some, Black Friday is a tradition. Wait in line, get good deals, but this year many are finding the same deals online, instead of waiting in line.

Every year the ads come with the morning paper. And every thanksgiving Nancy Schramski looks for the best deals.

"Instead of waiting in line, like I did in the past I went online this year. And we got the steal deals without having to wait all night long in the freezing cold," said Schramski.

She's visiting her family in Dubuque and didn't' want to wait in line. Early Thursday morning Schramski sat at her computer in her sister's basement, getting the same deals you can find in the store tomorrow.

"I knew I wanted to buy a couple of big purchases so I went to all the different sites that we all go to. Best Buy, Target, Walmart. So I was ready last night. Come midnight I went online," said Schramski.

She walked away with 2 news laptops, a desktop computer and 2 HDTV's.

"The doorbuster specials that we have here in the store are the same prices online. So its a different way for the customer to get the product," said Best Busy manager, Nick Weber.

Weber says Schramski's correct, you can get the same deals online but shopping in store can help the customer.

"If you're just looking for that individual thing then it's perfect but if you're looking for other things to go with it. Then we're right here in the store too." said Weber.

Just ask these brave shoppers, they've been outside since 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

"I looked at it real close online because I didn't wanna sit out here but the things we want are in store only. So we kinda have to sit out here," said Justin Donavan.

"Its just something fun my son and I started doing last year. Before that it was sisters and I and we just enjoy doing it," said Cherly Chambers.

"I am crazy for being out here, I am actually doing it for family. Standing out here to get them what they want. Make them happy," said Tara Surrel.

Either way, online or in line, Black Friday shoppers are determined to get the best deal.

"I love Black Friday. It's a family tradition for us to get our big purchases ahead of time," said Schramski.

Most stores open at 5 am Friday morning, website however vary, some start selling at midnight. And while they wouldn't tell us on the record, many stores have special deals inside. That you can't find online.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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