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King of the Bullring


WATERLOO (KWWL) --The 130 racers, ages 4 to 64, compete for cash in the McElroy Auditorium for the King of the Bullring race on Saturday.

Ever professional racer needs to start somewhere, and often that the first step is go-kart racing.

According to go-kart manufacturer Scott Lilienthal, King of the Bullring race has started many careers.

The sport has drawn in local stars like Waterloo native John Emerson and Evansdale native Nathan Skinner.

22 different types of motor vehicles completed.

These Yamaha vehicles are costs around $4,000.

 But this race is unique because it uses a special learning tool.

"It's coke syrup virtually what you have in your McDonald's or a fountain drink, and they put that on the track," go-kart manufacturer Scott Lilienthal pointed at the black ring on the track and said. "That syrup just makes it stick like you can't believe."

That extra friction teaches racers how to hug the track at lower speeds with the same feeling.

There will be another King of the Bullring race on December 5. Attendance costs $10.

ONLINE PRODUCER: Jackie Manternach

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