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Hawk fans anticipate bowl placements


IOWA CITY (KWWL) - The Rose Bowl is out, but the Hawks are still in the running for a BCA Bowl bid. That all depends on how well top ranked teams do next week in their final regular season games. Saturday fans were hoping for the Fiesta Bowl and say they'll be watching close next weekend.

Saturday morning Iowa fans packed parking lots and lawns for their final regular season tailgate. A win against the Gopher's is important to securing their hopes of a BCS bowl bid, especially after a loss to Ohio State.

"They played very good that game but I mean we'll still get a bowl. Rose Bowl would have been better than any other bowl but we'll take what we got," said Josh Title.

"I feel good. They played well last week at Ohio State so I think we'll have a good game today," said Tim Trueblood.

While some fans head into the game, others watch from the top of a nearby parking garage, planning for a trip to Arizona.

"I just hope they don't pick Penn State over us because we beat Penn State on the field. Iowa has proven that it travels very well. We have a great fan base in Arizona so I hope the fiesta bowl picks us," said Natalie Johnson.

"Everybody knows the Hawkeye fans travel so well so any BCS Bowl would love to take us as an at large bid," said Trueblood.

Thanks to the 12-0 win over Minnesota, the Hawks are in the running for a BCS bid, just like fans hoped, but will they make the trip now that it's not the Rose Bowl.

"I think all Hawkeye fans should go to the bowl no matter what, if they win. Because they had an outstanding season. It's too bad that Stanzi lost but Vandenberg, watch out guys. We're going to a bowl game," said Zach Decker.

"Of course I'm going to a bowl game if I can," said Chad Sundermeyer.

"As long as we're going to the BCS I'm going for sure. We have a good shot so I will be there," said Jared Bahansen.

Now the fate of Iowa lies in the hands of the selection committee, as for Hawk fans, things will be a little different next Saturday.

"I'm going to root for Alabama and Florida to loose. And every team that's a head of us to loose so that Iowa can get the BCS bid," said Johnson.

Now that the final game of the season is over for Hawk fans and players, the waiting game begins.

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