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The blame game and Hawkeye fans


by John Wilmer

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- Two losses in a row have some rabid Hawkeye fans taking their frustrations out on players via the world wide web. Hawkeye players are being criticized on social networking sites, blogs, and they've even received emails from upset fans criticizing their play.

Wide receiver Trey Stross dropped three crucial passes during the close loss to Ohio State, and now Stross himself has received several emails from angry fans.

Some might say facing a 250 pound blitzing linebacker might be the scariest thing in college football, but for others it's the nameless person on blogs and social web sites like Facebook and Twitter playing Monday morning quarterback.

Some Iowa football players have found ways to avoid those unwanted comments.

"I changed my name on Facebook so I haven't gotten a friend request in like six years so it's been really nice. The only friends I got on there are my family and my real close friend,” said Iowa linebacker Pat Angerer.

Teammates of Trey Stross say he is not to blame for the loss and those calling him out should stop.

"People who are putting that on him, that's absolutely wrong. He's a player in the game everyone makes mistakes, James made mistakes, Calloway made mistakes, everyone made mistakes, it's just a matter we have to execute better," said offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga.

"I'm not big on the whole Facebook thing and Internet thing. A lot of people nowadays if they have a problem with something, rather than fix it they'll type on the computer like this sucks, blah, blah, blah. I'm not into that, if you have problem go fix it don't type it on a computer," said Angerer.

The Hawkeyes will have a chance to redeem themselves this Saturday when they take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers in Iowa City.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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