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Postville reacts to Rubashkin verdict


POSTVILLE (KWWL) - Thursday, a federal jury found former AgriProcessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin guilty of financial fraud.  A federal jury found Rubashkin guilty of 86 of the 91 counts.  Some in Postville say it's the next step in the city's recovery from the May 2008 immigration raid.  The town is still dealing with the effects of the may immigration raid at the plant.  It's reopened under new ownership.  Rubashkin now sits in jail.  Some say it's another benchmark in the healing and rebuilding of one of Iowa's most diverse small towns.

"I just will be glad when the town gets back to normal and this is all behind us," said Postville resident Marty Loomis.

"With all the counts that are against him, you were wondering is there a case or not. Obviously, there's a lot of things that's happened. It appears justice has been done," said Postville resident Dean Ohloff.

"It's a good verdict. I'm sure he was guilty of that and more so hopefully he'll serve his time and the town of Postville can mend," said Luana resident Annette Davis.

Dave Hjortland chairs the Postville Coalition coordinating recovery efforts.  It was supposed to disband about a month ago but he says the need remains - no matter who's in jail.

"We have much to be optimistic about. How it will come together and work out, we know it's not going to be an easy path in the near future but we're cautiously optimistic," said Hjortland.

Postville, a town still hopeful after so much turmoil.  The city's new mayor Leigh Rekow told us the town is already moving on and is encouraged by the progress already being made at Agristar.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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