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Health Plus: H1N1 101, Part 4

Thanks to the flu this season, handshakes and hugging are sometimes frowned on.

And for some people, especially little ones, public places are ones to avoid.

In this special Health Plus report, H1N1 101, the impact the flu is having on group activities.

Brayton Ewing came home with more than good memories from a junior high lock-in.

 "I was sweating a lot and I had the chills and my throat hurt."

The 12-year-old from Traer had H1N1.

A test confirmed her case, and a handful of other children got it , too.

 "I was really surprised, you know, kind of shocked I guess that she actually did have it but I was glad that I got her in," says her mom, Jill.

Brayton felt better in a couple days after taking Tamiflu.

Her doctor at Covenant Clinic in Traer says fortunately the cluster of cases did not set off a lot of illness.

 "After the first week, our thought was this is probably going to explode through the school system and fortunately we didn't see that," says Dr. Matthew Ulven.

However, hospital officials say H1N1 is making its mark.

 "It's had a huge impact on human resources. There are parents of kids that have to stay home with their kids. There are kids that are staying home. It's affecting businesses. It's affecting economic activity across the country," says Dr. Paul Franke, V.P. of Medical Affairs with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.

Doctors say protecting yourself and others may mean skipping out on planned events.

"If your child has a cough, runny nose, congestion, with this type of an influenza outbreak they really shouldn't be out doing extracurricular activities," says Dr. Ulven.

Too late for Brayton, but fortunately she had no serious complications from her bout with H1N1.

Tara Thomas 

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