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Postville reinstates VFW with unique name

POSTVILLE (KWWL) - Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. Veterans. At a time when membership for VFW's across the country is dwindling, one unit in northeast Iowa is picking up momentum.

But the Postville VFW Post is hoping to draw younger veterans. The VFW unit is the first in the nation to be named after an Iraqi War Veteran. It's also the first unit Postville has had in 15 years, which made this Veterans Day special.

As bowls of chili fill the basement of Turner Hall in Postville, it won't take you long to see what tonight is all about.

"It's veterans day and we're honoring all veterans and hopefully the people will come out, we're gonna be here till all our chili is gone," said Vietnam Veteran Jerry Halverson.

It's the 2009 Veterans Day chili super, hosted by the Jeffery E. Bohr Jr. Veterans of Foreign Wars post; the first one here in Postville since 1990's.

"I believe that everyone that was in the service deserves to be appreciated, thank and to understand that the reason they were in the service is the reason we have our rights," said Halverson.

Of course doesn't take long to figure out who's a veteran. Many wear these VFW hat's with pride. Robert Kolsrud wore his uniform.

"I have my uniform on today to honor the veterans. To honor those that went before us and those that are leading our country today," said Kolsrud.

He's a Korean War vet and says this post has a unique name. It's the first post to ever to be named after and Iraqi war vet.

"This is a program that keeps them interested in America," said Kolsrud.

"The younger ones in this area all of a sudden, since were named after Jeffery Bohr, the first marine killed in Iraq now we're starting to get young people involved," said Halverson.

And while the post is new, the veterans involved say:

"We have good guys here and we're gonna be here a long time," said Halverson.

"Put your uniform on and feel proud of it," said Kolsrud.

Pride filling Postville, one bowl of chili at a time.

We asked several of the veterans what we can do to thank them for their service. They said all it takes is five words: Thank you for your service.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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