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Interval training cuts down on workout time

Losing weight while cutting your workout time in half may sound too good to be true.   Researchers are finding there may be a way for more people to make that happen.

It's called interval training and it involves a series of timed bursts of energy, or sprints during your workout.

Researchers at an Australian University found people who rode for 40 minutes at a steady pace lost an average of two pounds.

While another group that rode just 20 minutes alternating between eight second sprints and 12 seconds of slower riding lost an average of six pounds.  Half the time and triple the results.

"You work harder but I guess you get some recovery time after which makes it easier - or it feels easier to get a good workout," one spinning class participant said.

Scientists still aren't sure exactly why it works.  One theory is the sprints stimulate hormones that regulate fat cells.

If cycling's not your thing, you can get the same effect on an elliptical machine, a stair climber, or a treadmill just by working short sprints into your routine.

You can incorporate it into almost anything you do.  You can jump rope for three minutes at a fast pace and then sit down and rest.

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