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Prescription drug disposal program


 WATERLOO (KWWL) - Iowa is the first in the nation to launch a disposable prescription drug program.

TakeAway Environmental Return System allows consumers to safely dispose of unused or expired medications through pharmacy drop off boxes.

 When unused drugs get in the wrong hands, the potential for danger is significant. The Office of National Drug Control reports that prescription drugs are the drug of choice among 12- and 13-year olds, while one third of all new abusers of prescription drugs are between the ages of 12 and 17. People who throw away or flush unused drugs are also creating dangerous situations by polluting water supplies and landfills. Plus, prescription medicines thrown in the trash may be picked up by children or pets.


Acceptable Items:

pills, tablets, capsules ointments creams llotions powders inhalers, nebulizer solutions liquid medicines≤4 oz. solutions, suspensionsliquids must be wrapped in a paper must be wrapped in a towel and placed in a sealed plastic bag before being placed in a TakeAway™container


Not Acceptable Items:


Syringes Lancets

Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide

Products should be left in the packaging.

Inventory from a pharmacy or other healthcare center isNOT acceptable.

Questions? Check with your pharmacist.

Liquids > 4 oz.*


Home based care (HBC) or durable

medical equipment (DME) supplies

Participating Pharmacies:

A Avenue Pharmacy, Cedar Rapids: Kim Van Schepen (319) 364-1586

Fifth Avenue Pharmacy, Cedar Rapids: Robert Keane (319) 364-2406

Shepley Pharmacy, Mount Vernon: Al Shepley (319) 895 – 6248

Clingman Pharmacy, Vinton: Jon R. Clingman (319) 472-4731

Osterhaus Pharmacy, Maquoketa: Connie Connolly (563) 652-5611

Pharmacy Matters, Iowa City: Mike Stein (319) 337-2492

Widner Drug, Manchester: Bob Sack (563) 927-4463

Phil’s Pharmacy, Reinbeck: Phil Colbert (319) 788 – 7445

Allen Clinic Pharmacy, Waterloo: Amy Bucknell (319) 235-3171

Peterson Pharmacy, Marengo: Theresa Ryan (319) 642-3312

Shopko Pharmacy, Dubuque: Susan Becker (563) 583-5808

United Medical Park Clinic Pharmacy, Waterloo: Laura Gansen (319) 833-5727

Covenant Family Pharmacy, Waterloo: Jon Beyer (319) 272-5570

Medicap Pharmacy (contacts and communities listed below)

Renee Paige, Cedar Falls (319) 277-1829

Susan McKone-Burks, Decorah (563) 382-8765

Hartig Drug (contacts and communities listed below)

Dubuque – Keith Bibelhausen (563) 588-8700 & Emily Vyverberg (563) 588-8704

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