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Prepping your car for winter

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - It's hard to think about it, especially with near record highs this weekend, but cold winter weather is just around the corner. And that means it's important to prep your car for winter conditions.

Inside the shop at Expert Tire in Dubuque, things have been busy lately.


"Check the tires as well as the belts, the batteries, the brakes, the hose, especially the antifreeze so it's protected enough for the cold weather," said story manager Mike Woodard.

Warm temps combined with a tough economy makes it easy to put off routine maintenance on your car. But Woodard has a few important tips for all car owners.


"Obviously check the fluid levels, make sure the engine oil is in there fully."


Check the coolant and antifreeze. And your battery is even more important.

"This batter is a 684 cold amps so it's actually better than it should be. Which means it's prefect for winter," said Woodard.

He says it's also important to check the tread depth on your tire. And that is something you can check at home, using a penny.


"If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, that indicates the tire is in fact warn out and will not wear for wet traction or snow traction," said Woodard.

Of course if you need new tires there are three options: summer tires, all season tires and winter tires. But all of these prevent tips can help keep you from getting stuck, once winter weather hits Eastern Iowa.


"If you don't have the ability to purchase a new car, you help to ensure that your car is going to last you and it's going to work," said Mike Woodard.

Which is easy to forget, when winter sneaks up. Although you can do a lot of those winter car preps at home, it's best to take your car to the shop for a routine inspection. Many repair shops are offering specials specifically geared towards winter driving conditions.

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