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Cancer survivor pushing for research, prevention

WATERLOO (KWWL) Christine Carpenter wants to end breast cancer. She's active locally with the Beyond Pink TEAM.

During a self exam in 1993, Carpenter found a lump in her breast. It was cancer. She was 45.

"I didn't think I would live to see my daughter graduate from high school," said Carpenter.

But she did see her daughter graduate from high school and college.

"I had an aggressive cancer. I had surgery and went through six months of chemotherapy and thank goodness I'm doing well today," she said.

Carpenter said every woman is at risk for breast cancer.

"We really have no idea why women get breast cancer, and we don't have a sure cure either," said Carpenter.

She said she was shocked at her diagnosis.

"More than 70 percent of women who get cancer have no known risk factors. I was one of them. No history of cancer. I never smoked. Rarely drank. I did all the right things, and I still got breast cancer," she said.

Carpenter's ultimate goal is prevention of cancer. She went to Washington D.C. to help the National Breast Cancer Coalition lobby for financial support.

"A lot of decisions are made in Congress that affect women's lives. If we don't lobby and advocate at the national level, things will happen to us we don't want to happen to us," she said.

Carpenter said she's speaking up not for herself, but for her daughter and possible future granddaughter.

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Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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