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Weekend to help military married couples

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- One out of every five returning soldiers has post traumatic stress disorder. Every two out of three say their marriage is failing. And that number keeps rising.

Marriage can be tough enough without the stress of being away from your family. But with a rise in suicide and divorce rates, one group is helping reduce those numbers through what they call "A Weekend to Remember."

For military families it's an all too familiar scene.

"There's a lot more going on, lot more to think about. But, we're pretty prepared for it, having gone through the last one," said Sergeant Stanley Ambrose at the 211th National Guard Battalion sendoff ceremony in August last year.

Saying goodbye to the one you love - hoping and praying they'll return safely. But returning home is just as familiar.

"It's awesome words can't even explain. The ride here was great it's a good day. Great to be back with my family," said Sergeant John Oberfell at a welcome home ceremony in July of last year.

Either way, the process isn't easy for married couples. Which is why this weekend the group Family Life is hosting "A Weekend to Remember", reaching out to all married couples; especially those in the military.

"They can get away for some distraction time. Because we know that military marriages can have even more strain than civilian marriage," said Mike Warren, Field Minister for Family Life.

Mike Warren says the issues everyone faces in a marriage can be even more difficult to get through in a military marriage. He says most who return from deployment have some sort of post traumatic stress, two out of three say their marriage is failing. This weekend is designed to help combat those issues.

"This is some way at least that we can provide for them a save haven, with the spouse. They can address some of those issues," said Warren.

They address issues in communication, conflict and intimacy, helping couples grow closer, after spending so much time apart.

"There's always that doubt whether you're really ready or what not, so you just get out your little check list and go through it one more time and you know everything's ready but you're never gonna be for sure about that," said Sergeant Ambrose.

Recognizing the need, family life is offering a military discount this weekend and next for couples. The cost is $65 a person. This weekend the marriage conference is at the Marriot on Collins Road in Cedar Rapids. Next weekend it's in Coralville. You can find more information on their website.

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