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Paranormal Activity Independence: The Capt. Lee Mansion

INDEPENDENCE (KWWL) -- Halloween has come and gone but the haunting conitnues in one eastern Iowa community.  The Lee Mansion in Independence has sat vacant for years.
The home was built by the first mayor of independence, Captain Daniel Lee, in 1867, but it's the most recent residents who are the talk of the town.

It's a story for those who believe in the supernatural.  For those who believe that ghosts and spirits live among us.  It's also a story for those who live in Independence and always wondered if the stories about the old lee mansion were true.

Leanne Harrison is one of several members of the Buchanan County Historical Society who care for the building and hope to renovate it and return it to it's previous glory.

"We don't think we have any ghosts of course you know how kids are when there is an empty house, they always think it's haunted ya know," Leanne Harrison said.

But when things go bump in the night this is the group that bumps back, it's called Des Moines Paranormal.

This group, along with SCIPIT (South Central Iowa Paranormal Investigative Team), asked to examine the house because of it's history as the first mayor's home and then the first hospital in Independence.

"I think people do paranormal investigations our of curiosity. Maybe they had an experience when they were younger and when they were older they saw something they couldn't understand. That's why I'm doing it out of curiosity to see what's out there," Paranormal Investigator Charity Weinschenk said.

"The craziest thing I've ever seen was actually someone who had died coming and standing right in front of me," Paranormal Investigator Joy Haydon said.

Those in the community are a little hesitant to say the home is haunted.

"In the 1960's this was still the hospital office and I was working here and I never heard anything out of the ordinary," Harrison said.

But those who investigated the home disagree.

"We do believe the Lee Mansion is haunted. It is indeed haunted by something that is there now and it shows residual hauntings of what was there in the past," Paranormal Investigator Rae Hughes said.

On Saturday the group of paranormal investigators revealed their findings... With some frieghtening details.

"Up in the northeast bedroom on the 2nd floor I felt like hands on my face. i could just feel when them there and then after talking to the entity I felt the hand on my shoulder as well," Haydon said.

"The most exciting experience I had was when we were sitting around at base camp just talking and I was leaning over and my hair actually got brushed back and that was very exciting for me. That had never happened before," Weinschenk said.

The findings won't stop people from going to the house but it does add to the mansions mystique.

"The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Lee died here and the fact that this was the first hospital I'm sure other people did too. Like I say I haven't seen any myself," Harrison said.

As for who or way is haunting the mansion, paranormal investigators say that's obvious.

"It's my belief that the entities that are in the home are actually from the Lee family but that's my belief," Haydon said.

The first mayor of Independence still watching over this small community.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer
Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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