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Candidates for Waterloo mayor make final push

by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) KWWL is following several races in eastern Iowa, including the race for Waterloo mayor.

Current Mayor Tim Hurley is not seeking re-election. The three candidates vying for his job are Steve Schmitt, Buck Clark and Reggie Schmitt.

All three candidates were making phone calls Monday and either door knocking or speaking to groups of people in a final push before election day.

Waterloo councilmember and business owner Steve Schmitt spoke to the Lions Club Monday. If elected, he says public safety is a top priority.

"Economic development, lower taxes, getting employers to come to the city getting people to come to our beautiful venues downtown, but if they have any reservations about public safety, they're not going to come. So that's why I think that needs to be the number one issue. We need to be able to do that within the budget, but I think we can do that," said Steve Schmitt.

Public safety is also tops for former Waterloo Police Officer Buck Clark.

"I've got a community policing strategy we're going to implement when I'm mayor. It's gonna get the police officers out of the squad car and into the communities and it's gonna re-establish a relationship with the police department and the citizens of Waterloo," said Buck Clark.

Councilmember Reggie Schmitt said he's the most qualified in terms of experience.

"I've got the most experience. I've been on the council longer than my opponents combined, and I've got a proven track record of getting things done," said Reggie Schmitt.

For election spending, Reggie Schmitt has raised more than $9,500 and spent nearly $14,000 which includes a $10,000 loan.

Buck Clark has raised more than $10,400 and spent more than $7500.

Steve Schmitt raised more than $8000 and spent more than $10,400, which includes a $6000 loan.

All three candidate said most campaign spending went to signs and cable television ads.

If you'd like to look at the campaign reports, click here.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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