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Candy buy back in Cedar Falls


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- One Cedar Falls dentist is asking children to save their smile-- and perhaps bring a smile to someone's face oversees.

As a student, Dr. Jennifer Stevenson first heard of the Halloween Candy Buy Back program.  The organization buys back candy from kids for a dollar.

According to their website, "cavities, or dental caries, is the most prevalent childhood disease today. Each year across the world, kids consume 2 percent more sugar than the year before - that's 50 million tons of sugar annually! Sugar also contributes to hyperactivity and some candies can harm teeth or braces."

This is the first year Stevenson has had her practice in Cedar Falls, and she's jumping the opportunity.

"There's a ton of cavities and decay in the children today and we decided that a good way to reduce the number of cavities is to get the candy of out the kids hands," Stevenson said.

The candy will be shipped in care packages oversees to troops through Operation Gratitude.

As for the soldier's cavities, Stevenson says that the soldiers "don't have access to the convenience stores and grocery stores that we do so a little bit of candy for them is not as big of a deal as it is for us."

The candy buy back is Monday, November 2nd at the All Smiles Dentistry office.

Kids will also receive a glow in the dark toothbrush.

Online Producer: Jackie Manternach

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