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Murder weapon shown at Kehoe trial


GRUNDY COUNTY (KWWL) - During testimony Friday in the trial of Michelle Kehoe, prosecutors continued to hammer home the point that they think she planned killing her children for about two months.

Prosecutors began the day continuing to question witnesses and law enforcement.

The first witness was Scott Kinseth, the DNR officer who found a knife at the bottom of a pond at the crime scene in Littleton.   "After several passes I looked down and saw something shiny in the water. White colored. As I got closer I realized it appeared to be the blade of a knife."

The folding hunting knife was shown to jurors.

A Jesup kindergarten teacher was next.  She described what a student had discovered under school playground equipment - a cell phone and money.
Julie Ortner told jurors, "Later at the end of recess I looked at the phone and I scrolled through, and found the home phone number and called and left a message."

The prosecution wasted no time calling up its third witness, a manager at Paul's Discount, an Iowa sporting goods store which sold the same kind of knife found at the bottom of the pond in Buchanan County.

An agent from the Division of Criminal Investigation then talked about interviewing Michelle Kehoe at University Hospitals. He says she was unable to speak before surgery and had to write down answered about what happened.  She claimed the family was attacked by a man with a knife.
The agent, Darryl Simmons, read the note for the jury. "Got out. Found boys. Blood. First Aid kit. Man came back and attacked me with knife. She stated she blacked out again."

The testimony comes a day after jurors heard an interview with Kehoe's young son Sean, who talked about how he tried to help his dying brother.

Defense attorneys have yet to present their case.
They aren't denying that Michelle Kehoe killed her 2-year old Seth, but plan to claim insanity.

Online producer:  Adam Amdor



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