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Waterloo mayoral candidates debate

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Waterloo's three candidates for mayor squared off at a debate at Hawkeye Community College.  The debate was one of the last this campaign season with each candidate looking to gain an edge as Tuesday's election nears.  The bright lights intensified the focus on Waterloo's mayoral race.  Buck Clark, Reggie Schmitt, and Steve Schmitt all looking to persuade voters to cast their ballot their way.

"I think that my history in the private sector would parlay well into local government. I'm convinced my basic business principles and the things I've learned over 30 years would apply well to local government," said Steve Schmitt.

"We have to have a coalition-builder and a partnership builder in the public and private sector to get through these tough times. Ladies and gentlemen, that's what I do," said Buck Clark.

"Next Tuesday when you vote, it's not just Buck, Steve and Reggie. It's bar owner Buck, salesman Steve, and MBA manager Reggie. That's your real choices," said Reggie Schmitt.

Each candidate says the city needs the right leader to steer the city through tight budgets and changing times.  Each candidate has experience on city council.  Each says they'll dedicate themselves to the job and putting the city first.

"The mayor is the mayor, city administrator and city manager. He puts in a lot of hours. I'm well prepared to do it. I've done it all my life," said Reggie Schmitt.

"I've found the time to do things in the public and private sector, all while putting the time in to own my own business. I'm a multitasker," said Steve Schmitt.

"Leadership and attitude have to start at the top. The positive attitude and get things done has to start in the mayor's office and it has to start with that time and commitment by the mayor and I'm ready to do that," said Buck Clark.

Now there will be 4 days of campaigning before they see the results of their efforts counted Tuesday night.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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