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First witnesses testify in Kehoe trial


GRUNDY COUNTY (KWWL) - Witnesses are now being called in the Michelle Kehoe trial.  She is accused of killing her two-year-old son Seth in Buchanan County in October 2008.
Six-year- old Sean Kehoe suffered injuries that day. 

Thursday the prosecution presented its opening statement, detailing Michelle Kehoe's plan to kill herself and her two children.
Prosecutors say she had been planning for months, buying a hunting knife, duct tape, and even writing a letter saying that a man had attacked them.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Prosser described the letter to jurors.  "This note had been written supposedly in the midst of this happening. And according to her, in order to explain to those who would find this carnage what had happened. And the note, which you'll see ended with 'Oh no here he comes again. Dot dot dot.'"

Several witnesses have testified including a Kwik Star employee, the neighbor who called 911, and the paramedic who discovered the body of Seth Kehoe and attended to Sean.

According to one rescuers testimony Thursday morning, Sean Kehoe told paramedics about another time he'd taken a ride in an ambulance.

"Clint Bell is a firefighter. He picked Sean up out of the van, and was walking toward the cot, set him on the cot. strapped him in. And Clint Bell asked Sean if he'd ever been in an ambulance before. And Sean replied, 'Yes, when my mom drove into the river.'"

Sean was referring to December 2007 when Michelle Kehoe drove into the Iowa River near Iowa City.
At that time Michelle said she had become distracted by her sons and lost control of her car.

The defense will give it's opening statement when they present their case.

Online reporter:  John Wilmer 

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