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Breaking down the budget cuts: What Iowans will lose

DES MOINES (KWWL) -- Governor Chet Culver has admitted all Iowans will see a reduction in services as a result of 10% across the board cuts in the state budget. The now-approved plans would slash $500 million in state spending and force 400 positions to be cut.

36 government agencies had to give Culver their plans to reduce their budgets by 10%. On Wednesday, all but two were approved or modified, signifying significant cuts in money and jobs.

The 34 approved cuts fall under seven categories.

Here's the breakdown starting with the biggest groups, and therefore the biggest cuts.

In Education, the cuts amount to more than $332 million with 53 positions eliminated. Within that category, more than two-thirds of the money comes out of funds that go to local districts and Area Education Agencies.

In Health and Human Services, nearly $140 million are slashed, and there's the highest number of job cuts at 248 positions eliminated. That is made up of the Departments of Elder Affairs, Public Health, Human Services, and Veterans Affairs. The DHS alone will lose 228 positions in the state.

In Administration and Regulation, almost $22 million and 80 jobs are cut That includes the Governor's Office, Rebuild Iowa, and the Departments of Human Rights and Management.

In Economic Development, more than $7 million and 17 jobs are out. That pulls funds from agencies like Iowa Workforce Development, Office of Energy Independence and Department of Economic Development.

The Department of Natural Resources will lose almost $1.8 million, but no jobs.

In Justice, the state is taking out more than $1.2 million, with about seven jobs lost. That includes Homeland Security, Public Defense, and the Law Enforcement Academy.

In Transportation. cuts total $150,000, with no jobs cut.

One thing to note: With those jobs cuts, more than half of them are currently vacant, so it's not layoffs. The way things stand now, there would be a total of more than 180 actual layoffs

The two departments yet to be approved are the Department of Corrections and Department of Public Safety. Those departments account for $45 million that still needs to be cut from the budget.  They were asked to find alternate ways to cut budgets without laying people off.

Culver is working with union leaders. The labor unions have until November 6th to negotiate other alternatives to layoffs. If there isn't an agreement, Culver says those layoffs happen.

Other cuts include forcing non-union employees to take seven days off without pay. Those mandatory furloughs will save the state $6 million.

Culver will cut his own pay by 10% and has asked department heads to do the same.

We'll find out more about the Regents' plans for cuts at our public universities at their meeting in Cedar Falls Thursday at 8:30 a.m. We'll be streaming it live here on our Web site.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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