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State universities may adopt $100 tuition surcharge next semester

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - One-hundred dollars can seem like a bargain for a semester of college education, but when you're already paying thousands, it might be the tipping point.

The governor's 10-percent budget cut pulled $58 million in state appropriations from Iowa's public universities. That's why the Board of Regents is considering a one-time, $100 surcharge for the spring semester, which would generate $5.7 million.

If applied to all three universities, it would make up for some lost revenue, but at what cost?

We went to downtown Iowa City to ask students what they think of the proposed surcharge, and many of them hadn't even heard of it yet.

Some students say having more financial burden placed on them would be unfair, but others say it may be the best way to avoid more layoffs at the university.

"They just built a boathouse for a couple million dollars, was that really necessary?" asked junior David Wojcik. "It just doesn't seem like it should happen."

But others, like freshman James Olson, say it's a small price to pay to avoid further hardships down the road. "I think that one-hundred dollars isn't really that much, and I mean, I pay for my own school, so it kind of sucks for me, but still, it's just one-hundred dollars right now."

The board will vote on the proposed measure this Thursday.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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