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YGC: Reptiles and Writing at Nashua-Plainfield Elementary


by Danielle Wagner

NASHUA (KWWL) Herpetologist and author David Nieves spoke to students at Nashua-Plainfield Elementary School about two of his passions: wildlife (paritcuarly reptiles and amphibians) and writing.

Nieves is from Nebraska and attended Iowa State University.

So far, he's written two children's books on reptiles with others in the works. Nieves hopes his excitement for writing gets the students excited too.

"Writing skills are such an important lynch pin for students these days and any way we can get students excited about writing whatever it takes, we gotta do it because they really need to learn this skill," said David Nieves.

while talking about the importance of good writing skills, Nieves also showed off some of his friends from the great outdoors.

"When you can bring the real scientist, the author here kids can see how he turned his dream and his passion into his career and hopefully that'll inspire kids to do the same thing," said Beth Stuart with Nashua-Plainfield Schools.

"What I really hope they learn is a respect for wildlife and I encourage them to get outdoors and understand things. Understand ecosystems are complex but we need everything in them. The other thing is sharing is important. You learn but you gotta share and sharing through writing is fun and if you don't think it's fun you can make it fun," said Nieves.

"Hopefully we're going to see big pay offs in their writing also. I know they're going to be checking out a lot of non-fiction books," said Stuart.

Nieves said the students don't need to write about reptiles like him, but he hopes they find something important to them to share.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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