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UNI wraps up "Green Week"

by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) "Green Week" on the University of Northern Iowa campus wrapped up Saturday.

During the week students exchanged light bulbs for more energy efficient ones, attended a recycle fest and had conversations about the environment.

The week was organized by the student government and other university organizations.

UNI sophomore Robert Conway wants to keep the environment clean for future generations. He helped organize "Green Week" on campus to get students thinking and talking about the environment.

Conway said one way to relate the issue to students is money. He said it's cheaper to care.

"Redeem your cans and you'll get money. Use less energy and you'll save money," said Conway.

Conway hopes people adopt a lifestyle of caring about the environment. A lifestyle shared by Cedar Falls resident Julie Fischer.

Fischer was encouraged by the students' clean up effort and wanted to help. On College Hill she found lots of trash from food containers to drinking bottles even a pair of shoes.

"When things look junky people don't care about it and we throw more junk out and sometimes it can be dangerous. You can get a flat tire from it, so every little bit we do helps," said Julie Fischer.

Fischer said every single person can do something and should do something.

"If one person picks up one piece of trash a day when your out walking, riding your bike or whatever your doing even if you go out of your home and see some just pick it up, dispose of it properly and we wouldn't have all of this to pick up," said Fischer. 

"The environment is an issue everybody faces, but we don't see it in our everyday lives. But future generations, my children, my children's children they'll have to live with the decisions we make," said Conway.

After the campus clean up people met at the McLeod Center to form the number 350 for a photo as part of International Day of Climate Action. People in more than 180 countries took part in raising environmental awareness.

According to scientists, 350 is the maximum number in parts per million in our atmosphere when the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is considered safe. Right now, the earth's level is 390.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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