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Violent and sexy kids Halloween costumes


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- A caution this Halloween - sexy and violent costumes are taking the attention of area academics.

The head of the University of Northern Iowa's sociology program Phyllis Baker says that Halloween outfits represent a broader reflection of what is going on in our culture.

The "too sexy" Halloween outfit has long been pointed out as pushing a sexual role on young girls.  However, Baker is worried about both sexes.

"Men are hurt as well with the images that they're, in a sense, pressured to portray the kind of person that they're pressured to be --  to be a 'real Man', Baker said.  "Just like women being pressured into being a sexualized object."

Male outfits often portray an aggressive or violent, hyper-masculine character that most boys can not live up to.  This image of masculinity can be just as detrimental to boys as hyper-sexual images of women are to girls.

Baker advises parents to consider what image their children are representing with their choice in costume

"What do we want our kids doing? We don't want our kids drinking when they're 14, right?" Baker asks. "We don't want our kids doing these other things-- so do we want our kids portraying something that's overly sexual particularly when we're looking at preteens?"

ONLINE PRODUCER: Jackie Manternach

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