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Non-profits affected by state budget cuts


WATERLOO (KWWL) - State budget cuts are expected to affect every department of state government but public employees aren't the only ones worried for their future.  So are non-profit agencies that provide programs and services supported by state money.  It'll mean extra effort when it comes to fundraising.  It's probable some programs will end and possible at least one agency in the Cedar Valley could close.  But non-profits say the need for their services may be greater than ever.

Julie Pitzen is Executive Director of the Family and Children's Council in Waterloo.  Her agency is just one that will deal with much less money due to state cuts.

"The cuts are so widespread that every agency will be affected so every agency like ours is looking at how the effects will be and what we're going to do," said Pitzen.

Her agency's mission is to prevent child abuse and strengthen families.  40% of its funding comes from the state.

"When funds are cut, often prevention programs are looked at being cut out of the budget and so what we're looking at right now with the state budget is a proposed 19% cut that won't be across the board, its proposed that it will cut some of our programs much deeper than others," said Pitzen.

Pitzen says that could include its sexual abuse prevention program presented in Black Hawk County schools.  She says it's not clear how the cuts will affect the 13 people who work at the agency.

"We'll wait til we get the official word on Wednesday and then we'll regroup with our board and our finance committee to decide. We have prioritized which programs that we believe do primary child abuse prevention work and we will work really hard to make sure those programs are still providing to kids in the community," said Pitzen.

Pitzen says it'll rely on volunteers more, though sometimes they're limited in the duties they can perform.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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