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Governor Will Take Full $13,000 Cut to Salary


Des Moines (KWWL) -- Governor Culver's Chief of Staff has announced that the governor will take a $13,000 pay cut to his salary for this fiscal year.

When Governor Culver announced the 10% across the board cuts to battle a reduction in state revenue, he also announced that he would take a 10% pay cut.  However, that was meant to be for the remainder of the fiscal year, not retroactive back to the beginning of the fiscal year.

That meant that a 10% cut for the rest of the fiscal year would have actually equalled a 5.4% cut, or $7,000 instead of the $13,000.  That equals a 14% cut over the remaining 8 months of the current fiscal year.

The salaries for department directors will also be cut by 10%, but will not be retroactive back to the beginning of the fiscal year.  That means those cuts will actually equal less than 10% for the entire fiscal year.

Governor Culver's Chief of Staff John Frew says, "I want to confirm that Governor Culver will take a 10 percent cut on his entire annual salary this year. His salary, as set by state law, is $130,000 and the 10 percent reduction will be $13,000, which the Governor will pay back to the State."

The final implementation of all the budget cuts will be approved next week by the Department of Management and will include the full $13,000 cut to Governor Culver's salary.

Because Governor Culver's salary is set by the legislature at $130,000, he will write a $13,000 check to the state.

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