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What does your pink support?


DUBUQUE (KWWL) - October is breast cancer awareness month. It's only natural to want to help, and you can do that easily, by shopping. Slapping a pink ribbon on a product is widespread, but who's profiting from the pink?

From bounce to batteries, kitty food to kitchen appliances. Pink tops on tide, tennis rackets, even toilet paper. Shop almost anywhere and you'll find all kinds of items with a pink ribbon, but how much of what you spend, really helps breast cancer research?"

It's almost impossible to forget it's breast cancer awareness month, all you have to do it look around. Pink scarves, pink phone covers, pink in the hair, even the NFL is supporting the cause. As well as some businesses, who are cashing in. The true way to know if your money is actually going to the cause is start locally.

Looking around the room here at the Grand River Center and you might get the hint.

"It's our 16th annual Images and Information Style Show," said Barb Hohmann, a committee member.

It's a style show supporting breast cancer awareness and survivorship.

"So far to date we've given away over $42,000. 100% goes to the people.," said Hohmann.

All of tonight's proceeds go to the Tri-State Survivors, a fund that's already supported 25 breast cancer survivors who needed a little financial help.

But what about all the other pink stuff?

"We have tons of pink things, seems like everybody wants to get their hands on something. It's all good thing, it creates awareness. I can't say for everything, some goes to causes," said Hohmann.

Amirage Salon, who helped coordinate the style show, donates to the Susan G. Komen Foundation when you put pink in your hair. Breast of Friends raises money for people battling breast cancer. But ask anyone who attended and they'll tell you all this pink stuff is about more than money.

"I think that makes out community little bit aware of what's going on. My mother passed away from breast cancer in 1974 and you didn't hear of stuff like this," said one woman.

"It's touched everybody's life somehow some way, either a family member a friend. It involved everybody anymore," said Sue Daniels, a supporter.

You may have already notice that many salon, including Amirage, are donating funds from the pink hair to the Tri-State Survivors.

The American Cancer Society says, at the end of the day, the best way to help fight breast cancer is just to make a direct donation.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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