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Bus driver helps family after witnessing hit and run

by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) On October 9 Gertha Oliver was driving a Metropolitan Transit Authority bus along La Porte Road in Waterloo. Near the intersection of Lorraine and La Porte she witnessed a hit and run.

"I happened to look to my left and I saw a young man crossing the street and the car hit him and kept going. I saw somebody go up in the air and come down. By God's grace he landed on his feet," said Gertha Oliver. 

Oliver said she wasn't sure if she should stop or try to get a license plate. Since he landed on his feet and kept walking she proceeded to get the license plate of the car.

The young man hit was 19-year-old Joe Rue. He was walking home from work at Burger King. His mom said he suffered minor injuries.

"Spun his back a little bit, but that's getting better, but it hit his leg and his hip and mainly his ankle because he tried to jump out of the way," said Sue Rue.

Oliver is the only person the family knows who took time to help, and it's because of her the driver was found.

"They let the man know what had happened and he's been good about working with us," said Rue.

Oliver credits her job training with her ability to witness the hit and run.

"So you pay attention to all your surroundings and by that I looked far enough ahead and I got that and when I saw it I was like that's something you see on television," said Gertha Oliver.

Sue Rue said she can't thank Oliver enough for being a good Samaritan.

"It's highly appreciated, and there's nothing I can do to show my gratitude other than a big thank you," said Rue.

Rue works at Kwik Star so she sent Gertha Oliver a gift card to Kwik Star to say thank you. Oliver said she just hopes if something like that had happened to one of her children someone would stop to help.

Sue Rue said the driver of the car has called and apologized, which the family accepted. She said the insurance companies are communicating now to take care of her son's medical bills.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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