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Culver campaign already making commercials


by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The election for governor is more than a year away, but that isn't stopping the Culver campaign from getting their message out to the masses.

Ads featuring Culver is expected to air in the central and eastern Iowa markets. The ads show Governor Culver talking about the tough choices he has had to make over past couple of weeks, dealing with the state's budget deficit.

He also talks about cutting his own salary by 10 percent.

Political experts say this is an effort by Culver to take attention away from possible republican candidates who are currently making headlines.

"When a campaign runs ads more than a year before the general election, they're doing it because they know that the positions they have taken might not sit well with a lot of citizens like a 10 percent across the board budget cut. It's a way for the governor to control the message without the news media distorting, in his few, what he was trying to accomplish," said KWWL Political Analyst Jeff Stein.

John Huff, the General Sales Manager for KWWL, says Culver's Campaign spent tens of thousands of dollars on these commercials just in eastern Iowa alone. They started running during the five o'clock news on Friday.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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