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Students outraged by budget mandate

CEDAR FALS (KWWL) - The UNI and ISU Student Body Presidents Adam Haselhuhn & Jonathan Turk released a statement on the Governor's Budget Mandate. Here is the statement in its entirety.

On October 7, the State Revenue Estimating Conference lowered its fiscal 2010 revenue projection from nearly $5.8 billion last March to $5.4 billion. This new projection resulted in Governor Chet Culver's announcement of a 10-percent across the board cut to the state's fiscal 2010 budget.

This cut has a tremendous and long lasting impact on the Regent Institutions. As a result, each school must work towards immediately reducing its budget. The University of Iowa must reduce by $24.7 million, Iowa State University by $24.5 million, and the University of Northern Iowa by $8.8 million.

Students and families of Iowa have been asked to sacrifice for far too long. There comes a point when students must stand up and say, "Enough is enough." Speaking on behalf of the students at the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University, we find these cuts to be unacceptable and a tremendous disappointment.

The state has made a choice to not support Iowa's public universities at the level promised and needed for them to be successful. The state is increasingly placing the burden of a public higher education on students' backs. In a challenging economic climate, higher tuition increases are unacceptable and will make it difficult for students and families of Iowa to afford an education.
With state support for the Regents' Institutions dropping rapidly to a significantly lower level, it is extremely difficult for our public universities to compete with comparable schools across state lines. As a state, we should be taking great strides to keep the best and brightest young minds here in Iowa. These cuts are going to adversely affect our state now, and in the future.
In today's economy, a good education is essential to obtain the types of jobs that increase a state's revenue. Cutting education steals the future of Iowa's youth in order to pay for the shortfalls of a government unable to be fiscally responsible.

We realize that swift action needed to be taken and money needed to be cut, but we believe that education should always remain a top priority in the state of Iowa. It is unclear after these cuts, if education is truly a substantial priority of a state that, at one time, took great pride in properly supporting its institutions of higher education and research.

As student leaders, we remain resolute and will continue to provide unwavering support to our university administrations, faculties, staffs, and students during these trying times.

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