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Three men find couple trapped in car for 10 hours


DUBUQUE (KWWL) - An amazing rescue effort today in Dubuque after a couple was trapped upside-down in their car for 10 hours. Marilyn and Ted Blanchard were found early this morning off highway 20 and Barrington Drive in Dubuque.

The couple crashed late wednesday night. Thursday morning three men discovered the couple. It's something they're calling a miracle.

For Arthur Allen, Josh Burkart and PJ Hickson Thursday morning started like any other workday.

"I was coming over to get a table saw out of Josh and PJ's vehicle," said Allen.

The three pulled off on Barrington Drive.

"PJ caught something out of the corner of his eye," said Burkart.

"My heart just sank looking at that," said Hickson.

Hickson saw a car what appeared to be a car in the woods. The three immediately ran to the scene.

"And the car was on to the drivers side, t-boned around the three. I mean it was so smashed you could not get inside," said Allen.

Little did they know Marilyn and Ted Blanchard were trapped inside.

"As soon as they hear our voices they started screaming for help," said Burkart.

Immediately the three men called 911. The Blanchard's had been trapped here since 10:30 Wednesday night.

"They has sat there for 10 hours waiting to hear another human voice. And once they did they were probably cherishing it," said Allen.

As they waited for emergency crews to arrive the three tried to keep the victims talking, placing blankets nearby to keep them warm.

"We told them that we'll get then out of here real quick and you'll be fine. Reasoned them that being alive in this situation was a miracle," said Allen.

A miracle that continued once EMS arrived. Using the jaws of live to removed pieces of the car, crews were able to get the victims to safety. They were rushed to Finley Hospital. Emergency crews removed most of the brush in the area but they say the car was so far down, it couldn't be seen from the road.

"No one was aware that there was a car sitting here for 10 hours with people trapped inside," said Allen.

But before you think to call these men heroes, listen to what they have to say.

"I did what I hoped anyone else would have done," said Burkart.

"I just called the police immediately," said Hickson.

"When we walked over and saw that they were alive we knew this was a good thing," said Allen.

Making these men real life good samaritans.

Thursday night the couple remained in the hospital. We're told they are in serious condition. The accident is still under investigation.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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