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Health Plus: Karel Murray

You're heard laughter is the best medicine.

One local woman has taken that message to the national stage.

In Health Plus, how Karel Murray is healing with humor.

Karel Murray loves to make other people laugh.

And some times it happens with little effort.

"I was in front of 300 people about 2 years ago and I got really expansive nad my shirt opened up. There was a gasp, literally a gasp, and I offered medical coverage because even my husband doesn't want to see it anymore. And I dress defensively and I told them I wish I'd worn the good bra," she says.

The author and humorist started her now full-time career as a motivational speaker when she was a Cedar Valley realtor.

"You first start local and learn the trade then you start figuring out what your message and your voice is and who wants to listen to it./And then all of a sudden you get a call from Connecticut saying I knew someone in Iowa that heard you speak and then you're going to Connecticut and then it starts launching itself everywhere."

This past week, she brought her message to hundreds of local ladies at the Speaking of Women's Health Conference in Cedar Falls.

"Self-esteem in terms of women and having them stop the noise in their heads. I am a motivational humorist. And we are getting way too serious and taking ourselves way too seriously."

Karel encourages women to find quiet and time for joy and perspective.

She just released her third book, Hitting Our Stride: Women, Work and What Matters.

Some 13-hundred women attended this year's Speaking of Women's Health Conference in Cedar Falls.

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