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Lack of heat forces students to bundle up at Valley Community School

by John Wilmer

ELGIN (KWWL) -- A delayed construction project at one eastern Iowa school district is forcing students to bundle up. Valley community school near Elgin began installing a $600,000 dollar heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system last spring, and it's still not complete.

From the outside it looks like just another day at Valley Community School, but on the inside students are bundled up and teachers are heating their classrooms with space heaters.

"The process started in the spring when students were not in the building and throughout the summer it worked and the plan actually was to be completed before the beginning of the school year, but unfortunately it kept getting delayed," said Superintendent Cathy Molumby.

Some people are concerned the cold temps are distracting the students. One e-mail KWWL received said, "There are basic needs that need to be met if you are to learn, heat is one of them."

Superintendent Molumby says this a major project for the district and it is needed.

"Yes, it's definitely a big project for the school system because not only are we replacing our invents in the high school, in the 50 year old part, but also is looking at a dual fuel system so our boilers, which is replacing our boiler which was the original 1957 boiler," said Molumby.

Heat has been restored to the elementary and middle school areas and school officials hope to have the high school part complete by next week.

"We should have here  two-thirds of the building and being lots of people in our building and I did check the rooms and some of our colder ones were about 60 degrees and then you fill them with a lot of kids it's cold at first and then it does warm up," said Molumby

In the end, school officials say this project will benefit the school district by keeping students warm in the winter and cool during hot summer days.

More than 500 students call Valley Community School home. Pre-K through 12th grade is located in the same facility.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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