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Iowans stocking up for an early winter

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Cold weather, and even some snow, is blowing through Iowa.

We're all faced with getting ready for winter weather, even though it's barely officially fall.

Local store managers say they're ready, but they say even if you're keeping warm now, you should stock up before everything's gone.

At Theisen's, the season has changed. Say goodbye to life jackets and hello to winter jackets.

Manager Scott Buse says he's stocked up, and customers are definitely raiding the shelves.

"We noticed in September it was a little slower because it was mild, but as soon as the temperature dipped below the 30 degree mark, it really took off and got busy right away," Theisen's manager Scott Buse said.

While many people are getting warm clothes, some are going as far as new tires, shovels, salt and snow blowers.

"It's the people that are getting prepared for winter. They get prepared in October instead of when there's snow on the ground." Buse said.

That's the kind of shoppers we found: early birds who feel like they're actually running behind!

Buse says buying early is your best bet.

"We don't restock. Winter stuff is really kind of fickle. If you order it in, you buy it now because there is no reorders on that kind of thing." Buse said.

With early cold weather, Buse says they're ready for more early shoppers.

But beware: A lot of other people might have the same idea.

"It never fails that first snow storm, the parents are all struggling to find boots, snowpants, and by the time they get here, a lot of that stuff is gone," Buse said.

So for now, stock up and bundle up like you're Randy in "A Christmas Story." That is, until you can't move your arms.

Hopefully this is all just a dress rehearsal for the real winter, and we'll still get a chance to see some of fall's warmer weather.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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