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Dale & Helen Wilcox: Walking through the years

by Sunny Layne

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- In today's world, a marriage that lasts more than a few years is something admirable, and so some people may think Dale and Helen Wilcox's record is nothing short of a miracle.

Meet Dale and Helen Wilcox, a couple you should know.

Dale and Helen Wilcox have had a long walk together

"He was the best dancer," she said.

"She was a good person," he said.

A walk that began at a dance more than 70 years ago.

"He was very outgoing and showed me lots of activities and sports, we played tennis," Helen said.

The couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary October 1st. Over the years, they raised two daughters and enjoyed five grandsons. They've also visited every state in the nation except Alaska.

So what is the secret to their success?

"Forgiving things that happen. The ups and downs," Helen said.

"She's very easy to live with. Very loving, very kind," Dale said.

Now with the perspective of Dale being 94 and Helen age 87, they share some advice for young couples.

"They need to go over their difficulties and work through out and not just walk away from them," Helen said.

They say the grass isn't always greener somewhere else.

"They just think they'll try someone else, and people pretty much are the same, just different faults," she said.

Helen and Dale have lived by this advice during challenges of life. One of the biggest hitting just last years when flood waters destroyed their home of 40 years on San Souci Island in Waterloo.

"Last year we lost our home in the flood, kind of got disrupted," Helen said.

But in Dale's words, you can weather anything when your priorities are in order.

"If you love someone enough, the difficult times aren't that difficult," he said.

An outlook that has kept them walking together for 70 years, and still going strong.

To commemorate 70 years, the Wilcox's daughters and family joined for a special dinner and celebration.

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Reporter: Sunny Layne

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