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Young politicians want peers to get involved

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Election season is upon us, and if you look at the candidates out there, chances are some of them are young enough to be in college. But why, with so much on their plates, would students want to get involved with city politics? We spoke with two in Iowa City.

Of the thousands of University of Iowa students, two have chosen to run for the At-Large council seat in Iowa City. But Tuesday night's primary election resulted in a record low turnout. At-Large candidate Daniel Tallon wants to get involved in city politics for the same reason he thinks more UI students will eventually take more interest in local government.

"I think that with such a large population, they will start to get more interested in being represented and getting their vote out, even if it's not somebody representing their age group," Tallon told us.

That desire for representation is part of what candidate Jeff Shipley hopes will get more students engaged, and keep them engaged. For young people inheriting what he calls "burdens" from older generations, he says the best way to change things is to get involved.

"If you're not going to get involved, you can't complain." said Shipley. "I've been trying to introduce a lot of young people to the issues that we are going to be facing over the next couple years on the city council."

The University of Iowa isn't the only school with young politicians. University of Northern Iowa student, Gage Rewerts is running for mayor of Cedar Falls.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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