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Police officer speaks with students about Internet safety


by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) Waterloo Police Officer Stacy Hogle just got back from New Orleans where she attended training on internet crimes against children.

Most of her training focused on under cover chatting.

"Our main objective is to keep ourselves as a buffer in between the predators and the live child victims. We want them preying on us instead of real children," said Hogle.

But she said under cover work is only one component of her job. Another key part is speaking with students like a group eighth graders at Central Middle School about internet safety.

"How to prevent problems when they're online because everybody's online, especially these guys. So we're just trying to keep them out of trouble and try to prevent some problems they might have," said Hogle.

Hogle said too many students are posting too much information online.

"This is your image your putting out there for millions of people to see. Know what you're putting out there. Don't give them any opportunity to come find them in real life," said Hogle.

She demonstrated how in a matter of minutes from two to twenty, predators can find out your phone number and where you live.

"I was very surprised at how in 20 minutes they can find out where you live, what your parents do, when you're going to be home," said student Blake Wilson.

Hogle hopes after this discussion students are more cautious about what they post on the internet.

"I'm gonna take away my address, my gender, how old I am. All that stuff so people can't find out who I am," said student Vashaunda Nash.

Hogle said besides predators, college admissions offices, police officers and others can see what we post. So she said don't post anything online you wouldn't want your grandma to see.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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