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YGC: Peet Peers Program


by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- Students helping students. It's a program between two Cedar Falls schools: Peet Junior High and River Hills.

River Hills school is a public school for students with moderate, severe, and profound developmental disabilities. The school serves students from birth through age 21.

Each week students from Peet Junior High visit River Hills. It's part of a class offered at Peet focused on volunteering and helping others. One of the components of the class is visiting River Hills for "Peet Peers."

"You talk to them, you play with them, you help them. Do whatever you can. I love it," said Jessica Dally.

About 50 students from Peet come to River Hills. Ninth graders Jessica Dally and Kelsey McDonald are two of those students.

"It's just a lot of fun to have the satisfaction of helping others," said Kelsey McDonald.

McDonald and Dally said they have more in common with the River Hills students than people might think.

"I see Tim  (one of the River Hills students) on the computer doing You Tube. I sit at home and do that," said Dally.

"They aren't that different from us. They might have things to overcome to do what they want, but they love the same things we do," said McDonald.

After years of doing the Peet Peers Program, administrators said there's always a positive response from students at both schools.

"I've heard from many of the Peet Junior High kids that this has impacted their lives tremendously. It's the highlight of their week and not only of course the Peet kids, but really our students look forward to it every week," said Caryn Cowger with River Hills.

The weekly visits last about 30 minutes, but the impact on these student's lives will last forever.

"It's awesome to come here and see just what they can do to us and how happy they make us. It puts a smile on your face. I think everybody has walked out of here with a smile on their face," said Jessica Dally.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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