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Flood home demolitions begin in Iowa City

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - In 2008, floodwaters claimed dozens of homes along the Iowa River in Iowa City. Now, many of those homes are being torn down.

Fifteen months have passed since last year's flood and many neighborhoods still have a lot of work to do in the recovery process. The city of Iowa City demolished its first home Tuesday morning in the flood-damaged Parkview neighborhood.

Many people in the area opted for the city to buyout their home. Under FEMA regulations, the city then has 90 days to complete demolition and turn the lot into green space.

People still living in the Parkview area say this marks a significant moment.

"We've had such great neighbors down here, it's really sad to see them all go. This is probably about the end of the era for some of these homes," area resident Ted Tanberg said.

Under the current contract the city will knock down nine homes, five of which are on the same street as the one demolished on Tuesday.

The project manager says he expects to complete one or two houses each day.

Iowa City is one of several cities in the state considering moving homes to higher ground instead of tearing them down. Cedar Rapids, Elkader and Mason City are also among those considering the plans. A homeland security spokesman says it's possible to move the homes bought with FEMA money, but it's rarely done because the homes are more than 50 percent damaged.

Hear the emotion from homeowners and neighbors as they watch their homes being torn down on the KWWL News at Five.

Online Producer: Jenn Jarvis

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