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UI Studio Arts Building restricts hours due to missing security shift


IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Pulling all-nighters is a right of passage in college, and 24-hour labs on campuses allow students to work at their convenience.

But the Studio Arts Building at the University of Iowa has been restricting hours for security reasons, since the beginning of the month. For some students, it's inconvenient enough to have to drive across town to work on projects. But for at least the next couple of weeks, they'll also be working around limited hours.

Jocelyn Wiley and her classmates were working on a project Monday night, due Tuesday. Each of them had to finish three clay pots; one of the students had only finished one as of about 6:30 that evening. 

"We're not able to take our work home with us," said Wiley. "It's important just to be here, and to cram at all hours."

That's the problem for many students here; they need equipment and tools to complete their assignments. Last year, a security guard sat at a station near the front door around the clock. But when the University's Art Museum opened back up, a guard shift had to be moved there, creating a hole in night security at Studio Arts.

Even students not impacted by the shortened hours say it's causing a problem for others. A petition reading "Give Us 24-Hour Access" hangs in one hallway.

John Beldon-Scott of the art school says the university is working to fill the missing shift, which grad tudent Lauren Davis is happy to hear.

"You know, people stay here until three in the morning sometimes," Davis told us. In the meantime, with only about five hours of studio time to work with, at least one of her big projects may suffer. "There's something I'm trying to get it done by September 30th, and I'm kind of wondering if I'm going to do that now, because it's going to be really time-consuming."

The university hopes to have 24-hour access restored to Studio Arts by the first week in October. They also hope to have a swipe-card system up-and-running, for better night security.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith 

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