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YGC: BCLUW students receive computers


by Danielle Wagner

CONRAD (KWWL) Every high school student at BCLUW has his or her own laptop computer.

"Their parents had the option not to have the computers, but everyone
approved it. So 220 students nine through 12th graders have computers they can use
24-7 now," said principal Ben Petty. 

The school began looking into the computer initiative last year. Administrators and school board members traveled to other schools with similar programs and decided it was a good idea for BCLUW.

The laptops were handed out during a special roll out ceremony the first night of school. Students said they know it's a big responsibility, but they're glad to have the computers.

"You take it home and you can connect to the internet and you have all your stuff saved on just one thing," said senior Dustin Hammers. 

Principal Ben Petty said teachers are definitely taking advantage of the new learning tool in the classroom.

"Teachers have used a wide variety of applications already. I movie, using spread sheets in math. The biology textbooks are all online, so we've really jumped right in," he said. 

"We're using it almost every single class. teachers have posted notes and power points on the internet," said Hammers.

The computers cost around $900 each. With primary funding coming from the SILO one cent sales tax money.

Petty said there haven't been any problems so far with damage, but if one is damaged the student must go without the computer until it is repaired and returned.

Another concern might be what the students are looking at on the computers. Petty said the computers have a filter and...

"We can pull up any screen for any student using a computer to see what they're doing and the students know that," said Petty. 

Teachers said the computers help keep the students more engaged in school. Principal Petty said it's also a training tool for the future as more and more jobs rely on and use technology.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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