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Vilsack: Differences in H1N1 & Swine Flu

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Ask any Iowa pork producer about the new flu virus going around.  They call it H1N1.

If you watch network newcasts, all you'll hear is the term "Swine Flu."
Sometimes broadcasters use both interchangeably.

But health experts have long said the two are not the same thing.

Swine Flu is a respiratory disease in pigs, which has been around for decades, according to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.
It's genetically different from the H1N1 virus that's currently circulating in people.

During a conference call with the media Thursday, Vilsack expressed frustration with members of the news media and the public who continue to refer to the 2009 H1N1 flu virus as the "swine flu."
He says the current strain has not been detected in pigs in the united states.

However, Vilsack says scientists are working on a Swine Flu vaccine for pigs in case it does show up in the pork industry.

Officials remind people cannot get swine flu by handling or eating pork products.

Online producer:  Adam Amdor

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