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Dubuque couple reacts to Obama's speech


DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Before Wednesday night's speech many people didn't understand the details behind President Obama's healthcare plan. But for one family in Dubuque, after listening to the presidents words, though lacking a few details, they feel at ease about the future of healthcare in America.

As Craig and Alyson Beytien sat down to watch President Obama's speech Wednesday night, you'd never know they've each registered for a different political party.

"Take the best of what the system has to proved and don't mess with that on the other hand those things that are more trouble, try to make them work for people," said Craig Beytien.

With three autistic sons, they've had their battles with insurance companies. Tonight they just want to hear specifics about what President Obama plans to do.

"Insisting that insurance companies provide the care that has been proven successful and important for conditions," said Alyson Beytien.

As Obama outlines details for his plan; ones the "average" person could understand. The Beytien's felt relieved. The President promised more healthcare coverage for anyone, lower costs and requiring that everyone be insured, much like car insurance. But both admit he lacked a few details.

"My focus and concern is on some of these rules and restrictions about what insurance companies will provide and what they won't," said Alyson Beytien.

"The one thing I really wanted to hear the President say tonight was to have companies sell across boarders," said Craig Beytien.

Current laws don't allow insurance companies to sell across borders without a license.

And while major details about fraud, regulation and medicaid remain unknown, after tonight's speech they're hopeful for the future.

"It's never gonna be exactly what any of us want but that's what its about," said Alyson Beytien.

Certainly a few details left to iron out but the Beytien's also commented on the President's ability to capture the audience. They felt his words were genuine, his theme consistent and his message hopeful.

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