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Tamoxifen risk study

A drug proven to prevent a recurrence of Breast Cancer may actually increase the risk for a rare form of the disease.

The drug Tamoxifen has been used as a treatment for Breast Cancer, and as a drug survivors can use to prevent the cancer after they're disease-free.

Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center studied 1,100 Breast Cancer survivors, and found the drug did prevent a recurrence of a common type of the disease.  However, it also increased the risk for a rare form of the disease, called e-r negative, fourfold.

Experts say women should not stop taking the drug, because it is beneficial.  Rather, they should be aware of the risk for e-r negative cancer.

The ER negative cancers occurred in the opposite breast of the original cancer. The risk for this type of cancer went up 440%.

The study looked at women who received Tamoxifen. Of the 1,103 women included in the study, 369 developed a second breast cancer.

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