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Mediacom channel changes

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Mediacom expands channels and offers digital tuners for customers.

Beginning this week, Mediacom customers in Waterloo, Iowa Falls, Decorah and surrounding areas will find expanded channel line-ups that provide free access to more than a dozen new channels, including the Big Ten Network (BTN) in high-definition transmission. 

Throughout the week, BTN HD will be added to Mediacom Family Cable, along with Fox News HD and high-definition (HD) channels for four other popular cable networks.  The HD channels are automatically available at no added cost to Mediacom Family Cable customers equipped for HDTV.  BTN HD will be located at channel 834.

Additionally, Mediacom created a new digital channel set that expands by 40% or more the number of channels available to all basic, entry-level subscribers and includes a free tuner to enable non-digital customers to freely view those channels.  Programming choices in the new Digital Broadcast Basic (DBB) set include Iowa Public Television's new channels, Learns and World, two C-SPAN public affairs channels, and expanded offerings of faith-based and inspirational channels, adding Three Angles Broadcasting and the BYU channels. 

The digital set also carries three channels delivered from local TV stations. KWWL broadcasts the RTN, or "Retro Television Network" and "this TV" on channels 106 and 107.  

The technological shift to digital television makes it possible to offer more channels using less signal spectrum.  However, the change requires consumers to use a digital device to tune-in higher-numbered digital channels.  Several options are available.  More than half of Mediacom's customers currently subscribe to services that utilize a digital cable box (a DCT).   Newer televisions with built-in QAM tuners can access the channels without an additional device. 

To support customers with older televisions or non-digital service, Mediacom is giving away digital tuners at no cost for 12 months.  The new tuner is small and can be placed beside or behind a television.  Its function is to adapt digital signals for display on older televisions not connected to digital cable or without QAM tuners.  

The free device is limited to one per household.  Additional tuners can be leased for $1.99 per month.  Customers can pick-up their digital tuners (aka: DTA) from Mediacom customer service offices in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Iowa Falls, Decorah, Oelwein and Marshalltown. Or, customers can place an order by phone to have a box shipped to their homes.

Several cable channels within Family Cable have changed locations as part of Mediacom's process of adding new channels.  The 14-channels in Digital Broadcast Basic include several religious channels previously located in Family Cable. 

New High-definition channels added to HD Family Cable (automatically available to Family Cable Customers equipped for HDTV)

            Channel 834 - Big Ten Network HD

            Channel 842 - Discovery HD

            Channel 843 - TLC HD (The Learning Channel)

            Channel 844 - Animal Planet HD

            Channel 856 - Fox News HD

            Channel 863 - Lifetime HD 

New Digital Broadcast Basic Channel Group (available to ALL customers; viewable with digital tuner/DTA or Digital Cable Service or TV with built-in QUM tuner)

Channel 87 - C-SPAN 2

Channel 88 - C-SPAN 3
Channel 89 - BYU
Channel 90 - 3 Angels Broadcasting (3ABN)
Channel 91 - The Church Channel
Channel 92 - Trinity Broadcast Network (TNB)

Channel 93 - Inspiration Network

Channel 94 - EWTN (previously at channel 66)

Channel 106 - KWWL RTN (Retro Television Net)

            Channel 107 - KWWL this TV

            Channel 109 - KCRG-DT (24/7 local weather, news & sports)

            Channel 118 - IPTV Learns

            Channel 119 - IPTV World

            Channel 123 - Mediacom Main Street

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