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Finley Hospital's 2008 community benefit report

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Finley Hospital has released its 2008 community benefit numbers.  According to the report, Finley provides $4,452,301 in community benefits to the tri-state area, according to a recently completed assessment of those programs and services.

The amount is based on $1,379,708 of Traditional Charity Care (at cost) and $958,979 in Medicaid shortfalls (at cost) that Finley provided to help Dubuque area residents. In addition, the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), a subsidiary of Finley Tri-State Health, contributed $516,522.

Finley says community benefits are activities designed to improve health status and increase access to health care.  Along with uncompensated care (which includes both charity care and bad debt), community benefits include such services and programs as health screenings, support groups, counseling, immunizations, nutritional services and transportation programs.

The numbers released for Finley are included in the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) which shows Iowa hospitals provided community benefits in 2008 valued at more than $1 billion. 

In press release to KWWL, Finley President and CEO, John Knox said, "The programs and services accounted for in the survey were implemented in direct response to the needs of the tri-state area, as well as entire counties and regions.  Many of these programs and services simply would not exist without hospital support and leadership."

According to the report, total uncompensated care in 2008 was valued at more than $710 million, an increase of $97 million (15.8 percent) over 2007.  It also shows that Medicare and Medicaid created approximately $282 million in losses for the state's hospitals during 2008.  Finley lost $954 to Medicaid in 2008, Medicaid, which represents around 7% of Finley's patient volume, reimburses an average of 36% of hospital charges.

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