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There's no place like temporary home

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -There's always nerves that come with moving away to college for the first time...

New responsibilites...

But most freshman can atleast take some sort of solace in the comfort of their own permanent dorm room,

Unless of course, they're like some 100 UI students, stuck in temporary housing.

It wasn't exactly what freshman Taylor Rustad had in mind moving into the dorms.

"I was really nervous. A lot of people were trying to scare me like oh temporary housing is going to suck."

Rustad and four of her roomates are calling a study lounge home for the time being.

It may not feel like your typical dorm room, but Rustad says, that's OK.

"It'd be nice to have a TV or a microwave but i'm busy with school work or we can just talk."

"Not having a sink isn't really a big deal because we have the bathroom down the hall, but the fact that you have more than one roommate in here, helps a lot because you always have help for your homework, you always have someone to talk to," said Melissa Novotny, one of Rustad's roommates.

University of Housing Director Von Stange says this year's temporary housing numbers are right on par with with the past.  The University can house some 56 hundred students.

Returning students get to choose first where they're going to live.  The left over spots go to the incoming class.  Generally freshmen account for around four thousand bids.

"We do assignments by date of application, so the people that apply first, get housing first," said Stange

Stange also recommends students apply for housing early even if they haven't committed to Iowa.

Students can put down a $120 deposit, $100 of which is reimbursed if the student decides to go elsewhere.

It may not be what students like Rustad expected, but the large space and extra company makes it feel a little more like home...even if it is a temporary one.

"It's been a great experience."

The cost of temporary housing is less than half of that of living in a typical dorm.  Students can expect to be in a permanent dorm by the start of spring semester at the latest.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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