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Palo still pumping water


PALO (KWWL) -- Some Palo residents have been running pumps for several days straight to clean up flash flooding last week.

"We had 4 pumps running in the backyard pumping from one guy's backyard to the next," Scott Packingham said.

3 days ago Scott Packingham's flooded basement, shop, and yard had 2 more feet of water in the yard.

To get it out, they had to dig up a trench through their neighbor's yard.

"We haven't quite totally figured out where it all came from or why it all stayed in my lot for as long as it did.  But 3 days no sleep and I got it all pumped out of here.  But you can't do that every year either," said Packingham.

The sight of the damage and the work ahead is familiar to Packingham and his family.

Packinghams bought their property 9 years ago, and at the time, it had never flooded before.  Its not in a flood plane, but since then it has flooded 3 times.

Last year the damage was about the same as this year.

"I probably should have pushed it all in last year and found a hill.  Because to me, that's about the only way to get away from it is to go buy a hillside somewhere."

The last flood was not covered under their house insurance.  Instead, Packingham out of pocket the thousands of dollars to rebuild.

 "You get a little gun shy putting stuff down in the basement.  You know, we've had to empty the basement 3 times now and its starting to get a little old."

Packingham got flood insurance this year, and will not yet know how much will be covered.

"It takes months.  There's nothing that takes weeks to clean up from last year's flood and that was like a year and two months ago.  Something like that.  Plus try to go to work and maintain somewhat of a normal life."

Clean up for Packingham will include replacement of appliances and insulation.

Online Producer: Jackie Manternach

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