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Tiger dams put to use for first time

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL)-  Heavy periods of rain don't always sit well with neighborhoods that have a history of flooding.

That holds true for people of a southeast neighborhood backing up to the Indian Creek. 

"We moved to this area after 1993 flood so we've seen more than our share of floods," said resident Evan Anderson.

For Anderson, the worst came in 2002, when an already saturated ground couldn't hold any more water.  The result, his basement was completely flooded.

"We're still recovering from that, and this whole neighborhood is recovering from that," said Anderson.

"If we get another two or three inches like last night, it doesn't look like we will, but if we did, then we'd have a problem," said Mike Kuntz, Sewer Superintendent.

With an August that has been wetter than normal, this time the city is taking pre-emptive measures to help keep the Indian creek from spilling out into this neighborhood with their newly purchased tiger dams.

"This is a quicker, faster set up.  To deploy enough sandbags to make this kind of wall, would be a very large effort," said Kuntz.

Wednesday afternoon crews layed 500 feet of these inflatable tiger dams. 

Although this new technology couldn't have protected the residents from what happened in 2002, residents feel like it will be effective given the weekend forecast.

"It's beautiful, they've done a good job, and we feel safe," said Milia Masse, a resident of the neighborhood.

"It's a very welcoming sight to seem them working the way they are.  I wish they would do a lot more, but it's good to seem them there," said Anderson.

And for many residents, that means peace of mind.

"These are our homes, and we don't intend to move simply because we're in a flood plane," Anderson added.

Kuntz doesn't expect the dams to be taken down until early next week.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner


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