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Weight loss and exercise

If you've been slacking at the gym lately, a recent cover of a popular magazine may be just what you wanted to see.  An article in "TIME" says exercise won't make you lose weight, and might even be causing some people to gain weight.

The magazine says if you really want to drop pounds, your focus should be on how much you eat not on how much you run or lift.  But health and exercise professionals have some concerns about the article.

Amadeo lopez knows something about weight loss.

"I just woke up one day and decided, 'Hey, I gotta get rid of this weight," Amadeo Lopez said.

Years ago, he dropped 50 pounds, and in the process learned quite a bit about exercise.

"I believe exercise is a very important factor in losing weight," Lopez said.

It's a commonly-held belief that a time magazine writer, quoting several studies, challenges.

"As health professionals, as hard as we've worked to get people to exercise regularly and then for a major magazine to come out and maybe confuse and muddy the waters a little bit, it's disconcerting," personal trainer Kim Farmer said.

Personal trainer kim farmer doesn't disagree with the entire article, which points out that even as more Americans are working out these days, more are overweight.

The author notes that many people burning calories at the gym are taking in just as many calories in sports drinks and then eating more later on, because they feel hungrier.

"I think it's really about choices, the food choices you make. Just because you're hungry doesn't mean you go and eat a muffin," trainer Kim Farmer said.

Farmer says, yes, it's possible to lose weight without exercising, but probably not easy.

"Most people just don't eat lean enough to lose weight without exercise," Farmer said.

"We know that exercise gives many benefits to your heart. It decreases blood pressure. It's a stress reliever," Dr. Kristin Woodward said.

Dr. Woodward says the article makes some good points, but should not be your excuse for not showing up at the gym tomorrow.

"At least you'll have a better way of life. You won't be in aches and pains. You'll look better. You'll feel better," Lopez said.

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