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Purple and gold react to Favre in purple and gold

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - The Favre frenzy continues Tuesday as quarterback Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings. This coming after a year with the Jets, following his retirement.

With Tuesday's announcement fans around the country are talking KWWL caught up with a local purple and gold team about Favre in purple and gold.

It's day three here on the grid iron.

'Our guys reported on saturday, got moved into the dorms , we actually started practice on Sunday," said Loras Head Football Coach Steve Osterberger.

Tuesday afternoon marked the first day in pads for Duhawk football team

At the same time, Brett Favre took the podium.

"I just didn't want to look back in a year, five, ten. didn't want look back and say 'what if?'" said Favre at a press conference.

Meanwhile, the Duhawks, who share the same colors as the Vikings are asking the same question.

"I think people are curious, there's a lot of people that still like what he has done, he's a legend and I hope he does a nice job," said Osterberger.

"It's his choice if he wants to keep playing that's his right so I guess it's good for him, good for the Vikings," said quarterback Vaughn Gesing.

And Gesing says that "what if" mentality is exactly why he'll be watching closely this season.

"It'll be interesting going from Packers to Jets and I think it'll be even more interesting going to the Vikings. I think he'll play better being that it's indoors. He kinda struggled on the stretch last year, playing in the cold," said Gesing.

So when it comes to purple and gold, whether it's Brett Favre with the Vikings or Vaughn Gesing with the Duhawks, there's one thing everyone agrees on.

"I'm really pumped to get the season going and watch it happen. It'll be pretty interesting," said Gesing.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
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